With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to help you with the selection and the procurement of industrial facilities.

Due to the specificities of the industrial processes, feel free to contact us for any information or inquiry for the supply of specific equipments or of full production lines.

According to your budget and your needs, we will help you identify and select the most adapted set of equipments.

Our field of expertise covers:

  Equipments and complete lines for the production of cement,
 Equipments and complete lines for the production of red bricks, ceramic and refractory products.
 (Automated) presses up to 2000 tons and moulds (including their conception).
 Extrusion machines and their accessories.
 Conveying and weighing systems.
 Equipments and Complete lines for grinding and sizing.
 Tunnel and shuttle kilns and all their equipments like burners.
 Dryers and spray dryers.
 Machinery and equipments for the exploitation of quarries and mines (crushers, grinding machines, grasshoppers, handling and extraction…).
 Equipments for set up of refractories and castables (gunning machines, mixers, pan mixers, vibrating equipments, pumps, compressors…).
 Laboratory equipments for steel, glass, ceramic and refractories for physical and chemical analysis (furnaces, ovens, scales, microscopes, chemical analysers, physical testers …).
 Machine tool.
 Machinery and equipments for horticulture.
 Packing machines, building machinery, dust removal, waste water treatment equipment.

The optimization of packing and of the cost of transportation is another very important source of savings.
Upon request, we can supply to you all the spare parts for the maintenance of all the equipments listed above.