We offer Shaped Refractories made from high grade selected raw materials. Our refractory Bricks which are available in various standard qualities, shapes, dimensions and sizes, may also be manufactured as per your requirements.

The same principle applies for their packing that can be customized according to your requests, after prior evaluation.
Our bricks are classified in 6 main families:

COLORED CLAY BRICKS: for decoration and fireplaces.
(FIRE) CLAY BRICKS: for standard and special applications.
ACID RESISTANT BRICKS: for use in industrial chimneys, in the Chemistry, the petrochemical and the food industries.
HIGH PERFORMANCES BRICKS: for processes requiring specific and extreme conditions. This category includes among others, Silica, Magnesia, Spinel, AZS (electro-fused), SiC, Zircon, Corindons, Carbon bricks.
INSULATING BRICKS: for energy saving and for industrial facilities operating with clean energies