Glass mineral wools

Glass wool is made from natural sand, recycled glass and specific additives melted at high temperature in an electric furnace. A centrifugation through drilled disks gives fibers arranged into a texture similar to wool. Depending of the requirements of the application, binding products and specific elements are added.


Density: 10 to 80 kg/m3
Thickness: 25 to 120mm
Working Temperature: 200°C – Max 350°C
Conductivity: λ ≥0.032W/(m.K)


The products are available in rolls, in slabs, in pipe sections or bulk, with different thermal and mechanical properties depending of the density and of the thickness.

Glass wool is used to thermal insulation, cold insulation, air conditioning ducts, sound absorption and fire resistance for building and construction industry.

For the pipe sections, after studying your requests (quantities, pipe (internal) diameter, thickness/external diameter), we can provide you with efficient solutions.

For all these references, we can adapt the dimensions and the conditioning according to your requirement and in order to optimize the load per container (40’ HC recommended).

Depending of the applications and of the quantities involved, we will be able to give you customized prescriptions and very competitive quotations.