Rock wool blanket/felt is a kind of soft and roll product made of rock wool felt wrapped by wire netting,stainless steel netting or glass wire,mainly used for heat preservation of largefor large--caliber pipeline,storage tank,largetank,large--scale equipment,irregular thing,valve and pipe joint.Iron wire and stainless steel wire seam felt is especially applicable for heat insulation of highespecially high--temperature equipment.



Key advantages:
  Density: 30 to 200 kg/m3
Working temp:Maximum 650-700°C
Conductivity: ≤0.041W/mk
Length:2500-5000mmWidth:600 or 1000 mm
Thickness: 30-100mm
  1 - competitive price
2 - excellent quality
3 - various specification
4 - waterproof,heat,sound insulation


Rock wool light felt:it's used for heat insulation and sound absorption of largesound large--caliber pipeline,construction wall and roofs.Rock wool glass cloth felt:it's used in largeRock large--caiber industrial equipment and construction structure with the properties of antiproperties anti--break and easy for construction. Furthermore,it has dust proof for construction wall.Rock wool wire netting felt: it's used in strong shake and high temperature's usually recommended to be used as insulated materials of boiler,shipping,valve and largeboiler,large--caliber and irregular pipelines.

For other specific applications either in the industry or the construction (roofs, walls) the product can be proposed in boards. They offer higher mechanical resistance properties.
It is possible to have one face reinforced with aluminum foil either for the boards or for the