Our Vermiculite Boards are highly insulating refractory panels made from exfoliated vermiculite. They provide fire resistance, insulation and thermal stability. They are easy to cut and are available in a number of thicknesses and densities.

They are also available with a large selection of decorative surfaces including brick effect and reeded patterns.

They are used for the lining of gas fires, fireplaces and wood burning stoves, for suspended ceilings, for wall decorations and for the replacement of firebricks in some applications.

 Other common applications include register plates, heat shields easy to cut and shape.

These products develop interesting characteristics:

No emission of toxic gases

No emission of smoke

Non irritant

No dusting

Easy to cut and shape


Max service temperature: 1050 – 1100°C

Density: 600-1000 kg/m3  

Thickness: 20 to 60mm

Compressive Strength: 4.5MPA

The dimensions, the shape and the motives can be adapted to fit your requirements.

Depending of the applications and of the quantities involved, we will be able to give you customized prescriptions and very competitive quotations.