Our 100% asbestos free Calcium Silicate Boards can resist  up to 1050°C, depending of their density.

Densities :

ZS-170   :  170kg/m³

ZS-220   :  220kg/m³

ZS-300   :  300kg/m³

Working temperatures:

Standard        :    650°C

 High temperature:   1050°C

Key properties:

Low thermal conductivity

Good compression strength

Standard dimensions

LxWxH : 610(600)x100-300mmx(25-100mm)

LxWxH : 500x500x(25-100mm)

They are largely used in the passive protection of industrial facilities and of buildings, in addition to the insulation of kilns and industrial equipments.

Depending of the applications and of the quantities involved, we will be able to give you customized prescriptions and very competitive quotations.